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What are the Signs you Have Poor Night Vision?

Trouble of seeing at night can be devastating and stressing especially when you have to drive or when you are crossing the road, these are early signs that you are having poor vision.

Bad night vision may result from a number of factors but when you realize you cannot be able to see clearly when the sun goes down, that is a clear sign you have bad night vision.

If you see blurry or fail to completely see in darkness even when the pupils have opened wider to allow some little light for you to see, that is a sight you have bad night vision which can be corrected by an optometrist Idaho falls for instance.

It takes human eye to extensively adapt to the darkness completely and in fact it will take you hold an hour for you to completely adapt to darkness and the new surroundings for the healthy eye for but for the bad night vision this process is even hard.

If you have bad night vision the transition is slow and even sometimes completely impossible adjust from a bright space to a dark space and this is as a result of nyctalopia condition.

Another common sigh of bad night vision is difficulties when you are driving at night, part of the problem stems from the eye inability to make out shapes an part comes when you cannot manage levels of brightness.

In places where street lights and headlights have an imminent space it is difficult for people who have nyctalopia since they will not be able to see easily and the constant fluctuation with difficulty to see in darkness make driving become uncomfortable.

Halos and bright round circles at the light source could be an indication that you have bad night vision and this is a hindrance to you seeing properly, fortunately, Idaho Eye Care can be of help with this condition for instance.

If you lack Vitamin A in your diet it could contribute to poor night vision, Vitamin A helps to create the cells which are responsible for night vision and also improve proper visual functioning.

Another cause of poor night vision is the diabetes high blood sugars affects the eyes, specifically light sensitive tissue in your retina become damaged.

Once the retina is damaged the light to your retina does not make the signals readable because the blood vessels have hemorrhaged or leaked and thus poor vision.

One of the most common cause of the blurry vision is nearsightedness and can affect you even during the day and during the night the ye is unable to make out objects and as a result vision is poor.

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