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All About Buying Hay for Small Pets.

You need to think twice about what you will be giving to your small pets so that they can remain healthy and also happy. Hay is a good choice when it comes to the diet of the small pets. The hay can be legume or grass. If you get high-quality hay for these pets, it will be all they need to get all the nutrients. Once you have made up your mind concerning the hay type you will be purchasing, there are other things you have to think about. It is crucial for you to remember that the hay bale contents matter a lot. If you have not seen the contents of the hay bale, you should not be putting your money on it. It is important for you to establish the hay quality before you make the purchase. The outside of the hay bales may be a big discolored if it was stored in stacks. Do not just stop at touching the hay but even inspecting every detail about it. Pick hay that has green, fine and also leafy stems. In addition, you ought to touch the hay to confirm that it is soft. You will have wasted your money buying tough hay for small pets because they will end up not eating it which is why you have to check how soft the hay is before making the purchase.

On the same note, you should not have anything to do with overcured hay. This is something you should not ignore when making the purchase. Another thing you do not want is sun-bleached, moldy or even musty hay. Also, you should not make the mistake of buying fermented or even dusty hay. Also, take note of the harvesting time of the hay. For grass hay, the harvest time should be before the formation of seed heads. You know that the legume hay is in the best shape when it was harvested prior to the full bloom of the plants. By looking at the stems, leaves, seed pods and also flowers, you will be in a position to determine the maturity level. Another thing you should forget about is hay that has a lot of debris, weeds, trash, and even dirt.

Another factor you should consider when buying hay for small pets is whether it has been infested by insects or diseased. Getting the contact details of the grower is also essential because you will be able to ask about potential problems you should know about based on the area the hay was grown at. You need to remember that the weight of the hay bales is a matter you should be concerned about. You have no business buying any bales that seems to weight a lot more than its size.

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